L.M.C.P Faculties serving at DRDO-GU Dhanvantari hospital

We should not complain about the things that we are a part of, they will only get better if we try to become the solution.

We are proud to announce our institute faculty members – Dr. Devang Seth, Dr. Vidhi Shah, Dr. Sandip Patel, Dr. Chirag Patel, Dr. Mukesh N. Kher, Mr. Mittal Dalal, Dr. Jayesh V. Beladiya, Dr. Vishvas N. Patel, Dr. Tushar M. Patel and Dr. Nayan C. Ratnakar, are extending their services in drug distribution and pharmacy at DRDO-GU Dhanvantary hospital.

Our faculty members are providing social and full time services in this challenging time. LMCP appreciates their selfless contribution to the society in this crucial moment. All the doctors, nurses, health staff, pharmacists, shopkeepers, and everybody else, who are working hard in these unprecedented times are appreciated with a million applauds. With all the collective efforts, things are going to get better and we hope that this happens soon.

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