To describe the administrative process and provide instructions for handling student counseling.


To provide good values, ethics, proper learning, and problem solving aspects to all the admitted students in L. M. College of Pharmacy.


  • To prepare the agenda for the counseling of students.
  • To ensure proper counseling, including psychological, mental or emotional, education and career counseling
  • To review and finally ensure proper learning and problem solving ability of the students.
  • All members will look into problems of the students and will assess the details with corrective measures.

Members for Student Counseling Committee:

Chief Coordinator: Dr. Anuradha Gajjar

Members: Dr. Sunita Goswami, Ms. Krupa Gadhavi, Dr. Radhika Pandya, Dr. Sneha Chacko, Dr. Mukesh Kher, Dr. Sandip Patel.

Annexure I: List_of_Mentors_for_Current_semester-2021.