Mentoring the international students


  • To participate in the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes relating to India’s external cultural relations;
  • To foster and strengthen cultural relations and mutual understanding between India and other countries;
  • To promote cultural exchange with other countries and peoples;
  • To establish and develop relations with national and inter-national Organization in the field of culture;
  • To take such measures as may be required to further these objectives.


  • Take care of foreign students in homely manner.
  • Maintain Separate File for International Students including following documents and send this information to GTU’s International Students’ Cell as and when required:
  • Joining Report
  • Attendance Record
  • Leave Record
  • Personal Information
  • Academic Progress Report
  • Police station record in case of out station leave
  • Monitoring of Hostel Facilities
  • Monitoring of Personal behavior
  • Try to solve their query / problem
  • Help him/ her to understand Indian Culture
  • Inform to GTU’s International Students Cell in case of any difficulty
  • Send monthly report of students to GTU
  • Correspondence with GTU International Student Cell about different Reports for the students (Joining Report, Progress Reports, Fees of the students)
  • Help to obtain and renewal of residential permit from FRRO 
  • Correspondence with ICCR about different Reports for the students

Members of International Students Mentor Committee:

Chief Coordinator: Dr. Anuradha Gajjar

Boys’ Mentors: Dr. Been Prajapati and Mr. Mittal Dalal

Girls’ Mentors: Dr. Hiral Koradia and Dr. Jinali Amin


GTU foreign student cell: https://www.fsc.gtu.ac.in/ 

ICCR: https://www.iccr.gov.in/  

FRRO: https://indianfrro.gov.in/eservices/home.jsp