AIC-LMCP Foundation

Sr. No. Instrument/Equipment Description Model Make
1 Microbalance XPE-26 Mettler Toledo
2 Analytical Balance XPE-205 Mettler Toledo
3 Bench-top Lyophilizer BT Pro 8ZL SP Scientific
4 Stability Chambers GMP-SC227L Kesar Control Systems
5 Photostability chamber GMP-PSC227L Kesar Control Systems
6 Freezer (-80degC) GMP-80DF325L Kesar Control Systems
7 Gel Electrophoresis and visualization system Mini Protean Tetra and Gel doc XR Plus Imager Bio-Rad Laboratories USA
8 Incubator with Shaker (Refrigerated) LE 4676 AH Saksham Technologies Private Limited
9 CO2 Incubator CelMate® CO2 Incubator, Model 2170252 (CLM-170B-8-UV) Esco Micro Pte. Ltd., Singapore
10 Water Purification System DQ 5 Merck
11 Automated Flash Chromatography System Puriflash XS520 Plus Interchim, France
12 HPLC with PDA detector Prominence-i Series Plus LC-2030C 3D PDA Shimadzu
13 Particle size analyzer MASTERSIZER 3000 Malvern
14 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Evolution 201 Thermo Electron Scientific Instrument LLC, USA
15 FTIR IRSpirit Shimadzu
16 Dissolution tester 708 Agilent
17 LC-MS API 3000 Sciex
18 Vacuum oven GMP-VO20SQ Kesar Control Systems
19 Rotary evaporator Advantage HL G3, Heidolph GmbH
20 Refrigerated Centrifuge Varsati T1000R Esco Biotech
21 Hot air oven GMP-OV120L Kesar Control Systems
22 Biosafety cabinet Esco Biotech