Name of Investigator Title of Project Name of funding agency Status(on going/completed)
Dr. M. T. Chhabria Design, Synthesis and evaluation of novel autophagy inducers as potential anticancer agents GSBTM Completed
Discovery of Newer Anticancer Agents using Structure Based Design Approach GUJCOST Completed
Synthesis and characterization of known and unknown impurities of certain APIs’, which was completed during the period of February to April 2017 Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Completed
Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel lipid lowering agent GUJCOST Completed
Dr. Anita A. Mehta To strengthen Teaching and Research Facilities (FIST) DST-FIST Completed
Study on In-vitro platelet inhibition study of P2Y12 by Ticagrelor, its polymorphs and few co-crystals Anlon CRO Completed
Evaluation of anti-diabetic activity of D-kill and anti-urolithiatic activity of kanika kill polyherbal formulations using experimental animal models Tapobhumi Pharmaceuticals Completed
Consultation on study of Herbal formulations Ayukalp UAP Pharma Pvt Ltd Completed
Study of Electrical, Dielectric and Surface Properties of some Biocompatible polymer blends and composites Ms. Vaishali Bhavsar Ph.D. Student of Department of Physics Completed
Dr. Anita A. Mehta, Mr. Jayesh Beladiya Investigation into anti-asthmatic activity of TRL-4 antagonist in experimental models of asthma GUJCOST Completed
Dr. Mamta B. Shah, Ms. Krupa Gadhvi Development of herbal formulation for autoimmune related disorder GUJCOST On going
Dr. Mamta Shah, Dr. Karuna Modi Development of herbal insecticidal formulation Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI) On going
Dr. Mamta B. Shah, Dr. Preeti Verma, Dr. Karuna Modi To Develop Pharmacopoeial Monograph on Single Drugs of Plant Origin Pharmacopoeia Commission for Indian Medicine & Homeopathy, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India On going
Dr. Rajesh Parikh Modernization of Pharmaceutical Technology Laboratory (MODROB) AICTE Completed
Dr Sunita Goswami Psychopharmacological evaluation of herbal formulation – an experimental study GUJCOST On going
Dr. Sindhu B Ezhava, Dr. M.T. Chhabria Potentiation of Lipid Lowering activity of statins: A mutual Prodrug Approach GUJCOST Completed