List of equipment at Pharmacology department

Department: Pharmacology

Sr. No. Instrument/Equipment Description Model Make
1 Inverted microscope
2 Finn pipette Thermo Thermo
3 BIOPAC data Acquistion System  SL-35 BIOPAC System, USA
4 Electrical Analytical Balance Scientific Trading
5 Deep Freeze Upright 16to 25 deg., 344 Litre Celfrost
6 Magnetic Stirar & Cyclo Mixer Labtronik Labtronik
7 pH meter digital Sr. No. L5822,Model No. LMPH-10 Labman Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
8 Iworx data Acquistion System Iworx
9 Gel Documentation Sr. No. 807-413 BIORED
10 Cook’s Pole Climbing & Eddy’s Hotplate
11 Electrophorosis (Horizontal) Cleaver
12 Microscope Digital Camera
13 Electrophorosis Omni Page Mini Vertical Cleaver
14 Sony make LCD Projector Techno Plus
15 Cell Analyze Countees Diatek, SN L0914-186A-483 Diatek
16 Remi Highspeed Homoginizer 8214 Remi
17 PERKINS MK 3 Hand Held Applanation Tonometer Parkins MK3, CE0120 Parkins
18 Digital Electronic Balance CX 120 Citizen
19 Fully Automatic Cell Counter Diatek, Dia-COUNT 60 Diatek
20 Semi Automatic Biochemical Analyzer Prietest TOUCH, Sr. No AT1591214RBK Robonik
21 Student Physiograph with all accessories Sr. No. PH-216197 B. D. Instruments
22 Dissection Microscope Olympus Megnus MSZ-TR Olympus 
23 Langendorff Perfussion Assembly PI-276 B. D. Instruments
24 Digital Colony Counter 537 PSI
25 Monochomator based Spectrofluorimeter ELICO, SL-174 ELICO
26 Microplate Spectrophotometer Thermo Scientific, Sr. No. 1510-03683C Thermo Scientific MultiscanGo
27 Data Acquisition System Model No. R11CPA 2010  BIOPAC System, USA
28 Digital Behavior Analyser Sr. No. A71591214RBK  Stoelting Co. USA
29 Small Animal Ventilator SAR-830/AP Sr. No 2143544  Stoelting Co. USA
30 Distilled Water Unit DP-125-100-1 BNQS
31 Egg Hetching Incubator Hi- TECH Incubator, Sr. No. 1216431 A. P. POULTRY Equipments
32 Remi Neya-16R (96 Rotor, 15ml rotor Remi Neya-16R Remi
33 8 Ch Pipette 5-50ul Thermo Thermo
34 pH meter digital SL0pe (4pH) Swastik Enterprises
35 Western Blot Unit Cleaver
36 Deep Freeze  Tropicalized Blue Star
37 Analgesiometer Radiant Heat Type Medicraft Electro Medicals Pvt. Ltd.