Shanaihi S. Patel

Latent Print Examiner, Houston Forensic Science Center, Houston, Texas, USA.

Class of 2017

The knowledge gained at L.M College of Pharmacy, combined with the zealous teachers, interactive classes and supportive students, makes LMCP an extraordinary college that I am grateful to have attended. The experience I gained here prepared me not only for academic challenges but also for my future endeavors and hardships faced in life. The four years at LMCP were a very formative experience. Although I entered the world of Forensics, but the foundation in various subjects including Anatomy, Microbiology, Toxicology, Concepts of Chemistry, and the hands-on experience with chemicals, helped me pursue my career in the field of forensics. Last but not the least, four years at LMCP gave lifelong friendships that are as strong today as they were three years ago when we roamed around the LMCP corridors together. It is an elite feeling, all the nostalgia, fond memories, a strong educational foundation and everything that this college offered to me. I am proud to say LMCP is my alma mater.

Prof. Devang J. Pandya

Dy. Director, School of Pharmacy, RK University, Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Batch 2007 (M. Pharm. from LMCP)

LM College of Pharmacy is like an Akshaypaatraof knowledge, not only regarding Pharmacy but regarding life itself, which is showing no signs of emptying at all, and is in fact continuously growing, even after almost 75 years. I am still to rationally understand why I feel a huge void within myself if I don’t visit the institute at least once a year, and why the void is filled with peace and satisfaction the moment I step insidethe campus. It is most probably due to the selfless efforts poured into myself by the institute. Getting admission in M. Pharm. here was in itself a dream come true, and getting the opportunity to represent the institute and state in Indian Pharmaceutical Association’s National Elocution Competition just within months was like an icing on the cake. All my Pharmacognosy teachers honed my subject-specific skills, giving me everything they had for my betterment. I always received full support from teachers of other departments as well. On top of all this, I was able to keep myself fit due to the daily Table Tennis and Badminton routine here. Thus, “Holistic Development” were not merely fancy words at LMCP; they were the actual experience. Whatever I learnt and felt in LMCP, I attempted to transfer to my own students and academic environment once I became a teacher, which has contributed immensely in making me reach and sustain where I am today. Proud to be a small speck in the galaxy of stars produced by this institute since decades…

Jay Ruparelia

Group Product Manager, Abbott India Ltd., Mumbai

Class of 2014

It’s been more than 7 years now that I got graduated and earned my B. Pharm degree with Honours from L. M. College of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad; however, it still feels as recent as yesterday. A young enthusiast from Saurashtra, I relocated to Ahmedabad for higher studies and LMCP has been my second home ever since. L.M. College of Pharmacy was a steppingstone towards my exposure to the world of Pharmaceuticals. Learning different subjects being Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Microbiology was a great experience under the guidance of highly renowned professors in the field of Pharmaceuticals. Be it Synthesizing Compounds in Medicinal Chemistry Lab or making Tablets from Granules in Pharmaceutics lab or taking a slide section in Pharmacognosy Lab, I miss it a lot! The Pharma Fests, College Days celebrations, Teacher’s Day Celebration, Table Tennis Competitions are some of the fond memories that will be with me for years to come. When I look it at the hindsight, I feel LMCP has played a larger role in my career. Faculties and Friends made at LMCP are no lesser than an extended family and I always make it a point to meet and greet them whenever I am in town. It is my privilege to call myself as an LMCP Alumni.

Priyal Shah

Class of 2019

Research Scholar, L. M. College of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad, India

It is my pleasure to place on record the wonderful years I had under the auspices of L. M. College of Pharmacy.Finding the right path to success at the right time is really very important and for that way I had selected LMCP. While undergoing post-graduation, I cherished the feeling of studying at an Institute, which focused on career enhancements along with overall skill development with the seamless mix of academics and extracurricular activities. The professors are dedicated experts in their respective subjects and are talented, committed and genuinely caring. I would always be grateful to LMCP for giving me a multi-dimensional learning by providing the apt mix of academics, industry exposure, attitude and leadership. The seed of knowledge and learning sown by LMCP nurtured my aspirations and laid the foundations which showed its fruits in the professional work as well as in my research study.The peer group at LMCP was intellectually stimulating, and with some, I have made friends for life.Lastly, I am really proud to be an LMCPian.

Shailja B. Jhala

Patent Analyst, EXCELON IP – Patent & Trademark Attorneys, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

D. Pharm. (2013-2015, University topper, Gold Medalist), B. Pharm. (2015-2018), M. Pharm. (2018-2020, Branch topper, Gold Medalist)

I am overwhelmed with the opportunity I got to share my journey of 7 years at L. M. College of Pharmacy for the college website. I am really blessed to have such teacher’s and mentor’s in my life from which I learned a lot and have implemented to make my future bright. Supportive faculty and staff, beautiful campus, quality education, real world experiences, and amazing friends, its everything one needs from a college, and a network developed for life. The growth I have seen in myself due to LMCP, is invaluable. It has taught me things far beyond bookish knowledge and helped me broaden my horizons. Students are encouraged to take initiatives and hone leadership skills, so that they can cope with the world outside the campus. With the up to date laboratory facilities, and various software, large libraries on campus as well as online, students can easily access study materials to ensure quality output. There is a canteen facility and the sports grounds keep the students physically active as well. The classes are very interactive and faculties ensure that every student understands what is being taught before proceeding. Courses are challenging, yet very informative and very well organized at LMCP. Two of my most beautiful experiences was getting 2 gold medal for standing university topper (2015) and branch topper (2020) and representing my college at Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario Canada in an student exchange program (2017). I have gained so much from LMCP including a bunch of supportive friends for life and genuine supportive faculty who are ready to help me any time even after leaving the college. At my work when I get appreciated for my knowledge and skills I surely make a point to all that the credits goes to my college and my faculty. Learning is a case to case scenario but when you get such an extraordinary support from the college it actually do changes your perspective and goals for life. The most important thing I learnt was that there is no shortcut to success. Today when I look back it literally gets me goose bumps as I am sentimental talking about my time at LMCP. I am a proud LMCPIAN and a passionate pharamcist and I will surely work in development of the same. Thanks to my Alma matter LMCP, my teachers, my management, my seniors and juniors who all make it possible.

Rachna J. Jagania

Executive Scientist-II, Torrent Research Center, Bhat, Gandhinagar


For me, the word “Alma Mater” not only indicate L. M. College of Pharmacy but also include great faculty, supportive students & natural-positive atmosphere of college. LMCP has a big contribution in the success of our life. Four years at LMCP has given some lifelong friendships which get stronger with time. The memories at LMCP are at the forefront of the best moments & memories of student life. As we gracefully culminate the years spent here, it feels humbling to be a part of history of LMCP. Last but not least, I am sure that upcoming batches of LMCP will continue the rich legacy & strive to make us all proud as earlier batches.

Prof. C. J. Shishoo

Ex-Principal and HOD Pharmaceutical Chemistry

L. M. College has played a pivotal role in the rise of pharmaceutical industry in India after 1950. A large number of our graduates and post-graduates are welcomed as pharmacists and research workers in U.S and Europe

Dr. Ketanbhai R. Patel

Chairman & Managing Director, Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

I had the good fortune of completing M. Pharm. from LMCP in the year 1980. The training I received during my studies at this wonderful institute has enabled me to become a successful entrepreneur as well as an innovator. The teachers and support staff of provided us the right support and guidance and it was always a joy to be in the college. The emotional attachment of our alumni for the college is such that those visiting the city, invariably request for a visit to the college. I wish my alma mater a continued innings of success.

Shri Kanubhai Patel

Co-Founder Chairman, Amneal India

It gave me a feeling of nostalgia on my visit as chief guest at the event of LMCP alumni meet 2019. The college has come a long way and carved out a reputation of itself in the field of pharmaceutical education. The college has churned out not just entrepreneurs but also a talent pool that made a significant contribution to growth and development of pharmaceutical industry. I am confident that the college would stick to its mission, vision and goals and continue its excellence in fulfilment of needs of pharmaceutical industry and society at large.

Dr. H G Koshia

Commissioner, Food & Drugs Control Administration, Gujarat State

It was a turning point in my life when I joined L.M. College of Pharmacy. In the six years of my stay at L. M. College of Pharmacy, I was transformed from a teenager to a respectable pharma professional. The knowledge and wisdom endowed on me by the then teachers have guided me at every steps in my journey to Commissioner of FDCA, Gujarat. The existing faculty at LMCP has sustained this legacy and even today LMCP is the front-runner in the field of pharma education in the country. My Best wishes to all the faculty and students of LMCP for a bright future

Maulik Mistry

M.Pharm in Pharm. Chemistry, Torrent Research Centre

At L. M. C. P I’ve learned, not only chemical steric hindrance but also to defend hindrance in real life. We received support and motivation from the faculty and even from non-teaching staff at L. M. C. P. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have achieved without that caring and supporting environment.