Department: Pharmacognosy

Sr. No. Instrument/Equipment Description Model Make
1 ELISA Microplate Reader ELx800 BioTek
2 UV-VIS digital Spectrophotometer Systronics Systronics
3 UV Chamber Choksi enterprise. Choksi enterprise.
4 UV Chamber Labtronik Labtronik
5 Single pan balance (1 unit) AE240S Mettler (Switzerland)
6 Single Pan Balance  Dhona 200D Dhona
7 Digital balance Essae D/G/D1-20 Essae
8 Research Centrifuges REMI, R-24 REMI
9 Micro-centrifuge REMI, RM-12C REMI
10 Rota Evaporator 220V, 1000W, speed controlled Jain Scientific
11 Vaccum pump 0.05 mmHg Scientific trading C.
12 Vacuum Oven Electroquip Electroquip
13 Light Microscopes (2 units) Labomed Labomed
14 CCD camera linked with computer software Samsung SDC-415 Samsung 
15 Muffle furnace SEDKO SEDKO
16 Laboratory Ovens TI-115D TEMPO
17 Heating mantels [2] D. K. Scientific D. K. Scientific
18 Magnetic stirrer REMI REMI
19 Ultrasonicator TOSHCON TOSHCON
20 Water baths KUMAR KUMAR
21 Digital melting point apparatus VMP-D VEEGO
22 Melting point apparatus TI-100 Tempo
23 Autoclave vertical ‘Nova’
24 pH meter Equip-tronics Equip-tronics
25 Ultrasonicator SW2 TOSHCON
26 Flame Photometer Model 125 Systronic
27 Laminar air flow unit Klenzaid’s  Pvt. Ltd. Klenzaid’s  Pvt. Ltd.
28 Photoelectric Colorimeter 142, Spectronic-20D Spectronic
28 Refrigerator RT27HAJYASA/TL Samsung
30 Digital Vacuum oven with timer  (50 to 200˚C) Electroquip
31 Digital Deep Freeze (-20˚C&170 L capacity) RQFV-170 [-20°C] REMI
32 UV florescence analysis cabinet Patel Scientific Instruments Ltd. Patel Scientific Instruments Ltd.
33 Hot water Bath  12 holes, temperature controlled Patel Scientific Instruments Ltd.
34 Digital Autoclave  (100 L) fully automated, 12*20, 230V, 2000W Patel Scientific Instruments Ltd.
35 Digital Hot air Oven  (18×18×15”), 230V, 2000W Patel Scientific Instruments Ltd.
36 Heating mantle  5L Patel Scientific Instruments Ltd.
37 Digital pH meter DP 505 Patel Scientific Instruments Ltd.
38 Digital weighing balance (min.10mg) REPTECH REPTECH
39 Cmos Microscope camera  (3Mpxl) Nilpa consultancy 
40 USICO Inclined Monocular Microscope [6 Units] Ultra Scientific Instruments Co. Ultra Scientific Instruments Co.
41 HPLC Column Reliant C18 [5µm]  Waters
42 Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer LMMS-300 LAB MAN Scientific Instruments
43 Magi cook Micro wave [30 litre] 50020 Whirlpool
44 Fractional Distillation Unit [0.5 litre] KJHIL, Vapi KJHIL, Vapi
45 Water glass distillation unit  [4 L] Basic/PH4 Bhanu Scientific Industry
46 Digital Visible spectrophotometer [340-990 nm] Systronic 166 Systronic
47 Student Microscope [5] 45,10,100X Nilpa consultancy
48 Digital Hot Plate [20 by 20 cm], 120C Patel Scientific
49 Gas Chromatograph GC-14 Shimadzu
50 Deep Freeze REMI REMI
51 HPTLC scanner Scanner3 CAMAG
52 HPTLC Reprostar Reprostar3 CAMAG
53 HPTLC spotting device LINOMAT 5 CAMAG
54 UV cabinet UV II CAMAG
55 Hot air oven PROTOTECH Cintex precision  Cintex Industrial corporation, Mumbai
56 Vaccum oven 18*18*18″, 230V, 1500W Metalab
57 Digital Centrifuge D-37520 Osterode [Sorvall legend X1R Thermofisher, Germany
58 Heating mentale 15 AMP, 10L Sunray
59 Water bath 5 L, CIC-8, 99°C Cintex Industrial corporation, Mumbai
60 Waterbath 6 holes YSI-412 YOPCO Universal
61 Light Microscope with digital touch screen LX-400 TRINOLED