The spacious classrooms are well designed with optimal room for natural light and air. Separate classroom are available for conducting the B.Pharm., PharmD, D.Pharm and M.Pharm classes. A blend of traditional black board presentation and modern methods is opted for teaching and learning. It enables the teachers to teach in a unique and innovative manner which makes the students feel involved in the teaching. All classrooms are connected with internet LAN facility for browsing. Classrooms have comfortable seating arrangement. There are adequate classrooms constructed well-ventilated and equipped with black board, Digital smart boards, LCD projectors, OHP, to meet audiovisual needs for effective delivery of the lectures as well as conventional teaching for faculty.


Library facilities are the heart of any educational institution. The college library has a beautifully illuminated, well ventilated and furnished reading hall. This rich and up-dated library possesses a large number of books, and back issues of national and international journals of repute, including Chemical Abstracts and Pharmacopeias. The library is updated every year and newer journals, books, e-journals and e-books are added to it. Online databases such as Bentham, SCI-Finder & Scopus are subscribed and available to the library members. This helps the faculty members and students to keep themselves abreast of recent developments in the pharmaceutical sciences. The library is kept open for the students from morning till late in the evening. The students have open access to the books. The entire library operations including Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, OPAC, Memberships, reports etc. are computerized and books have been barcoded. Library has SOUL 2.0 library management system, which is developed by INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar, an Inter University Centre of UGC, India.

Animal House

The college has a CPCSEA recognized animal house facility for in-house research. Different sections are built in animal house as per the CPCSEA guidelines viz. instruction room, quarantine section, store room, surgical room, Breeding Section, Animal stock room, experimental room and Cleaning area. Institutional Animal Ethical Committee is formed according to CPCSEA guidelines to monitor the learning and research activities. CPCSEA has approved the animal house facility for experimentation as well as for breeding experimental animals (Reg. no. : 228/PO/Re/S/2000/CPCSEA, 28/10/2016 -under The Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals(CPCSEA) is a statutory Committee, which is established under Chapter 4, Section 15(1) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960. The animals are housed as per CPCSEA guidelines under the care of a veterinarian. Experiments on small animals (mice, rats and rabbits) are carried out with prior approval from Institutional Animal Ethics committee. The committee includes of eminent scientists and veterinarian along with a nominated member from CPCSEA. The animal house annually inspected by the CPCSEA nominee for compliance of guidelines.

Administrative Area

Administrative area is designed at ground floor of the institute for easy accessing of students and outside persons. Administrative sections are well designed with enough working space. Separate section is given as per the functioning such as Principal’s office, reception area, waiting area, inquiry section, account and finance.

Boy’s Hostel & Girl’s Hostel

The college has separate hostel facilities for boys and girls near college, a home away from home. The hostel rooms are furnished for the comfortable stay of the inmates. The hostels provide neat and clean rooms with proper ventilation and light. Quality food is provided in the mess. More emphasis is laid on hygiene and cleanliness for healthy living. Both hostels are being monitored every day for food quality and civic maintenance by the hostel supervisors and overall by the hostel monitoring committee.

Seminar Hall and Conference Hall

Institute has a well-furnished air conditioning seminar and conference hall with ICT and LAN enabled at ground floor for organizing student’s seminars and meeting, guest lectures and other events. These are well-built seminar space, fitted with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and Cordless Microphone public address systems. These halls are available with adequate seating arrangement, LCD projector, projector screen, LAN connection internet browsing, audio-visual system with electric backup facilities for organizing seminars, workshops, conferences, guest lectures and others events. It has been also provided with Air Conditioning units and sound proof walls.

Centralized museum

Centralized museum is constructed at the ground floor of institute for display of models and information on various aspects of pharmacy. Marketed drug formulations such as tablets, liquid dosage forms, ointments, capsules, powder, nasal spray, cosmetics, anatomy models, glassware miniatures are displayed in museum. All the stake holders can refer/see these informative displayed contents. A separate and dedicated trophy house/museum has been constructed for the display of medals and trophies won by our students and staff.


The college campus has Canteen facility available in campus for students and staff. The canteen provides variety of hygienic snacks, breakfast and lunch at affordable rate.

Power Backup

The college has a Diesel Generator to provide power supply to entire building in times of power supply failure.

Computer Lab

Students have the privilege of availing computer facilities at the L.M. College of Pharmacy. The Institute is well equipped with air conditioned labs with PCs and workstations hosting several software packages, and linked through a local area network. Internet services are available to all the students and faculty members. The high speed broadband internet connectivity provides fast internet access for multiple users. We have developed very good computer application laboratory and internet facilities. Computers are provided which are sufficiently equipped with the latest tools and software along with Printers & Scanners. This laboratory is equipped with advanced technology for the training of students through computer aided educational software in pharmacy. All computers are connected in a centralized LAN. In addition to this, the students are also being provided with Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) using which the students can access online information anywhere in and around the campus using their Laptops. This facility helps our research students very much to undertake literature surveys for their dissertations work through the World Wide Web and the different search engines available for this purpose.


The College houses spaciously laid out, highly equipped and properly maintained laboratories for different subjects of Pharmacy like Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy & Natural Products, Quality Assurance, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Industrial Pharmacy, Computer Aided Drug Design and Novel Drug Delivery System. Institute has constructed sufficient laboratories for B. Pharm, M. Pharm and for Ph.D. students. All laboratories of respective departments are equipped with modern facilities and instrumentations for conducting the regular practicals of B. Pharmacy as per the curriculum and to carry out the research work undertaken by UG, PG and Ph. D. students. Fire extinguishers are available in all laboratories and corridors for safety purpose. Exhaust fans are fitted in order to ensure adequate ventilation in laboratory.
All these facilities have been created for the use of undergraduate as well as post-graduate students, research scholars and the faculty members. The centralized Chemical store is divided into separate sections for acids, solid chemicals and inflammable solvents and chemicals to be stored in bonded facilities. The required glassware and chemicals are distributed to respective departments from chemical store, as per their requisitions. Our laboratories have the essential and latest instruments and equipment.

AMC-Annual Maintenance Contract has been made to check, inspect and resolve the issues related to sophisticated equipment’s in different laboratories and supporting services. As part of preventive maintenance, annual maintenance contracts have been made for major sophisticated instruments. Regular servicing through AMC helps to identify and rectify problems at the earliest so that necessary curative actions can be taken.

Medicinal Plant Garden

The Medicinal Plant Garden functions as an educational display of medicinal plants, herbs and spices and also as a conservatory source of standard specimens. The brick pathways, which crisscross the formal style garden, provide easy access for visitors to examine the labeled plants.