Hostel facilitation Committee

Hostel facilitation for boys at LMCP HOSTEL (L-BLOCK)


Hostels for students’ functions with the primary objective of providing them a “Home away from Home” where they can feel comfortable to pursue their academic dream. The hostel provides self-confidence, instills discipline in the minds of students, and provides scope for developing ideals of a harmonious communal living. Self-help and a spirit of accommodation for the common good are some of the virtues expected from the student staying in hostel.


The hostel ambience provides scope for developing harmonious communal living and enables them to share the joys of fellowship and professional fraternity. Self-help, co-operation and spirit of common good are some of the virtues anticipated from the inmates of the hostel. The senior inmates of the hostel are expected to be more responsible and set good examples for junior students. Everyone should uphold the dignity and self-respect of every other student in the hostel. Inmates are expected to utilize the best infrastructure facilities and uphold the reputation of the hostel as well as the institute.


Hostel committee is responsible for framing of overall management of the hostel and its functions include:

  • The guiding principle towards the formulation of the rules and regulations for hostel students is to ensure a safe, secure, comfortable and pleasant stay and to create an environment, which is conducive to learning.
  • Overall management of the hostel, including framing rules for the hostels, hostel mess, recreational facilities, and security personal.
  • Allocation of hostels or its parts to student groups, and to frame rules regarding allocation of rooms.
  • Overall supervision of hostel mess, award of contract to the agency running these Services, mechanisms to ensure quality, hygiene and appropriateness of services offered.
  • Overall management of security services and arrangements for the hostels.

The composition of the Hostel Management Committee is as follows:

  1. Principal – Chairman
  2. Rector of the Hostel – Faculty Member
  3. Junior rector-Faculty member
  4. Co-rector- M. Pharm or Ph.D. student residing in Hostel
  5. Finance Officer – Accountant of the college
  6. Mess Secretary of the Hostel – Member

Hostel Welfare Committee which consists of:

  1. Principal – Chairman
  2. Rector – Member
  3. Junior rector- member
  4. Mess Secretary of the Hostel – Member
  5. HODs of all departments – Member

Hostel Admission Procedure:

  • The Application form for admission to the hostel must be obtained from the College Office.
  • The prescribed application form should be duly filled-in by the student, affixing a passport size photo. All the details must be furnished neatly and the application must be signed by his/her parents or local guardian.
  • Rooms will be allotted by the Warden/Chief Warden only on the recommendation of the Principal.
  • Allotment of rooms will be confirmed only after showing the challan of the payment of fees for hostel to the co-rector.
  • The continuing students must renew their admission and their renewal of hostel accommodation is subject to their past record in terms of discipline, conduct, payment of mess bills, room rent. The inmates should get re-admission for every year at the beginning of the academic year in June / July after remitting the dues of hostels, both room rent and mess charges.
  • Those who have paid all the dues during the semester alone are eligible to continue for the following semester in the hostel.
  • All hostel residents have to vacate the hostel during the summer vacation and Diwali vacation for the purpose of hostel maintenance.

Hostel discipline:

  • Every resident shall maintain a high standard of discipline, have respect for the traditions of the College and conduct himself / herself in a dignified manner within and outside the hostel. He/she shall be respectful to the Warden, the teachers, officers and staff of the college and maintain proper decorum. Visitors to the hostels should be shown due attention and courtesy.
  • Furniture and fittings in the rooms should not be moved out of the room for any purpose without the permission of the Chief Warden/Warden.
  • The premises are not to be littered, nor the walls and doors defaced. The environment is to be kept clean and pollution-free.
  • The water outlets/WC should not be blocked with waste. Shampoo pouches, plastic bags or bottles, hair bunches, food waste and all thrash have to be thrown only in the garbage bin placed for that purpose (wet and dry garbage bin).
  • The wash basins should not be clogged.
  • Lights and fans should be switched off when not required. The uses of electrical gadgets like water heaters, stoves, etc., are strictly prohibited. Cooking in the room is strictly prohibited. 
  • No pets, cats or dogs, etc., should be kept in the room. No animal is to be fed or encouraged.
  • Vehicles should be parked in the earmarked places only.
  • Residents are expected not to create a nuisance or disturb others by singing loudly or by playing musical instruments or radio/tape recorder, TV. at a high volume. No noisy parties are to be held. Silence is to be observed after 9.00 p.m.
  • The residents are expected to return to their rooms by 10.00 p.m.
  • Students desirous of staying outside during nights for any justifiable reason should get prior permission from the Warden / Chief Warden. 
  • All the inmates are required to carry their identity Card and show it wherever and whenever needed.
  • No notice shall be put up or distributed, or no meetings, parties, dinners, etc., should be held in the hostel premises without the prior permission of the Warden / Chief Warden.
  • No visitor will be allowed near/in the hostel.
  • When residents go for vacation, they should vacate their rooms and hand over the keys to the hostel office to enable the college to carry out repairs, white-washing, etc. 
  • Students will not be permitted to stay in the hostel after the prescribed duration of their course. Subject to condition: However, the Ph.D. scholars will beallowed to stay in the hostel only till they submit the doctoral thesis or up to five years or whichever is earlier. During this time, they must remain bona fide students of the college.
  • The residents should strictly observe mess rules and the timings prescribed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Consumption of alcohol and narcotics is considered as a serious offence. Therefore, intoxication drugs or liquor should not be consumed in the campus. Smoking in the hostel premises is prohibited. 
  • Misconduct, disobedience to the authorities or breach of any of the above rules shall be punishable with fine or dismissal from the hostel by the Warden whose interpretation of the rules shall be final.
  • Any representation or complaint to the college authorities should be brought to the notice of the Warden and routed through proper channel.
  • The Hostel Management Committee may, from time to time, and to, or delete from or amend any of the aforesaid rules or introduce any other rules of regulations governing the residence of the students in the hostels or pertaining to the messes with the approval of the competent authorities of the University.

Refund of Hostel Caution Deposit Amount:

  • Student’s requisition letter for refund of Caution Deposit and Final No Dues Certificate should be sent through Co-rector to Rector / junior rector.
  • Original Hostel Caution Deposit Challans issued to the individual must be produced.
  • Caution Deposit, Mess Balance and Subsidy amount will be transferred directly to the individual saving bank accounts only.
  • Request for refund will be accepted only after vacating the room.

Members for Girls Hostel facilitation Committee:

Chairman: Dr. M. T. Chhabria, Principal, L. M. College of Pharmacy. 

Chief Coordinator: Dr. Anuradha Gajjar

Members: Dr. Beenkumar Prajapati, Dr. Tejas Dhameliya, Dr. Jayesh Beladiya, Senior PG student (Boys Hostel)

Application form for boys to represent their issues related to hostel: 

Login to register a complaint

Form link:

Hostel facilitation for girls at L. T. Munshaw ladies hostel


Students will be able to stay safely in healthy environment and live together with mutual understanding.


With a view to providing hostels and other infrastructure facilities to achieve the goal of enhancing the status of women and harnessing the potential available for the development of the society at large, as also to bring about gender equity and equal representation of women.


  • Monitoring of Hostel Facilities. 
  • Try to solve their query / problem. 
  • Take care of students in homely manner.

Members for Girls Hostel facilitation Committee:

Chairman: Dr. M. T. Chhabria, Principal, L. M. College of Pharmacy. 

Chief Coordinator: Dr. Anuradha Gajjar

Warden: Warden of L. T. Munshaw ladies hostel

Members: Dr. Dharmishtha Parmar, Ms. Vanita Lasan, Dr. Hiral Koradia, Senior Girl students residing in hostel

Application form for girl students to represent their issues related to hostel: 

Download Annexure-II and submit filled-up application form to the Girls Hostel facilitation Committee.