Class of 2017

The knowledge gained at L.M College of Pharmacy, combined with the zealous teachers, interactive classes and supportive students, makes LMCP an extraordinary college that I am grateful to have attended. The experience I gained here prepared me not only for academic challenges but also for my future endeavors and hardships faced in life. The four years at LMCP were a very formative experience. Although I entered the world of Forensics, but the foundation in various subjects including Anatomy, Microbiology, Toxicology, Concepts of Chemistry, and the hands-on experience with chemicals, helped me pursue my career in the field of forensics. Last but not the least, four years at LMCP gave lifelong friendships that are as strong today as they were three years ago when we roamed around the LMCP corridors together. It is an elite feeling, all the nostalgia, fond memories, a strong educational foundation and everything that this college offered to me. I am proud to say LMCP is my alma mater.