Class of 2014

It’s been more than 7 years now that I got graduated and earned my B. Pharm degree with Honours from L. M. College of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad; however, it still feels as recent as yesterday. A young enthusiast from Saurashtra, I relocated to Ahmedabad for higher studies and LMCP has been my second home ever since. L.M. College of Pharmacy was a steppingstone towards my exposure to the world of Pharmaceuticals. Learning different subjects being Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Microbiology was a great experience under the guidance of highly renowned professors in the field of Pharmaceuticals. Be it Synthesizing Compounds in Medicinal Chemistry Lab or making Tablets from Granules in Pharmaceutics lab or taking a slide section in Pharmacognosy Lab, I miss it a lot! The Pharma Fests, College Days celebrations, Teacher’s Day Celebration, Table Tennis Competitions are some of the fond memories that will be with me for years to come. When I look it at the hindsight, I feel LMCP has played a larger role in my career. Faculties and Friends made at LMCP are no lesser than an extended family and I always make it a point to meet and greet them whenever I am in town. It is my privilege to call myself as an LMCP Alumni.