SECRETS OF A COMPLEX LIFE” : A Book Authored By Our Alumni Jignesh Ahalgama

  • January 28, 2022

Every time you feel tired, remind yourself of why you are doing, what you are doing and keep going. Do you aspire to bridge the gap between you and success? You can do it all. You have already tried looking harder, now let’s try something different and shift the view a little.

We are proud to share that one of our alumni Jignesh Ahalgama has published his book on the auspicious day of 73rd Republic Day where he talks about finding the answers to the most nagging problems of humanity, designed solely to help people make the best of every situation in their lives. This book is titled “SECRETS OF A COMPLEX LIFE”.

He believes that the foundation of every subject, idea, belief—fiction or nonfiction is philosophy. You too have your own philosophy in life. To talk about Jignesh Ahalgama he is working as a senior research scientist in formulation and development for one of India’s leading pharmaceutical company Alembic. He belongs to Gujarat and is now settled in Hyderabad. Even as a man of science, he has always had a strong interest in astrology, understanding humans and the philosophies of life. We wish him good luck and may he authors more such books for the benefit of mankind.

Below are the links to purchase his book and we believe this book can help you change your perspective towards life.




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