• March 16, 2022

In the joyous journey of LMCP fest, Day 5 of partycles splash 2022 was celebrated as “Group day” ensue by ‘rock the ramp‘ and ‘indowestern show’ where LMCPians enhanced the evening with their pleasing attires.

The fascinating culture of india was represented by the students in the most captivating way possible. Students arrayed in diverse cultural clothes belonging to the different states of india were a sight to behold.

Truly the students rocked the ramp and showed how multi talented science students can be.

Students of B.pharm sem- 6 truly deserve a big round of appreciation for organizing such an amazing event, under the guidance of the respected faculties.

– Reported by :- Kavya Mistry

– Edited by :- Dr. Radhika pandya , Kavya mistry and Juhi.


  • Start Date:March 16, 2022
  • End Date:March 16, 2022