Solid Waste Management:

The institute has provided big dust bins to collect solid waste materials across the campus. Separate dust bins each for wet waste and dry wastes are provided at campus as well as in all faculty staffrooms as per norms of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). The wastes from the dustbins are dumped in pits provided outside premises of institute and collected waste materials are disposed of through garbage collection vehicles of garbage contractor. The day to day cleaning of college building, toilet blocks, garden cleaning etc. are being done by sweepers.

Liquid Waste Management:

For the purpose of general liquid waste management, a proper underground drainage system is developed across the campus.

Bio-medical Waste Management:

Bio-wastes are collected through various types of bags with different color codes for disposal. E.g. Disposable bio-hazardous wastes are kept in red bags. Biological waste like fragile glass, glass slides and coverslips, razor blades, pipettes and pipette-tips are disposed of in a manner that prevents harm. Microbiological wastes like cultures and stocks of infectious agents and associated microorganisms are kept in auto-cleavable plastic bags, sterilized by autoclaving and then transferred to micro waste containers and then handed over to a private recognized agency having a contract with the institute. The agency vehicle collects these wastes and disposes of it as per government guidelines.

E-waste Management:

Electronic goods are put to optimum use; the minor repairs are set right by the staff and the laboratory assistants and the major repairs, by the professional technicians, and are reused. UPS Batteries are recharged / repaired / exchanged by the suppliers. The obsolete computers and other wastes generated from the electronic equipment are proposed to be auctioned to authorized e-waste dealers.

Hazardous Waste Management:

Use of plastic bags is discouraged within the premises of the Institute. Regular lectures are conducted on waste disposal, their source and waste management system.