• Procedure for handling academic malpractice
    L. M. College of Pharmacy will follow the rules for handling academic malpractice as per GTU guideline. Click on below mentioned link for detailed guidelines of GTU.
    UFM guidelines (Gujarat Technological University)
  • Institute Discipline Committee
    Standard Operating Procedure
  • Procedure for handling Plagiarism practices in PG
    All thesis, progress reports, synopsis, seminars submitted by students as an academic evaluation criteria are subjected to Plagiarism check. L. M. College of Pharmacy uses Urkund software to check plagiarism of all above-mentioned documents. Access to the software has been provided by Gujarat Technological University.
  • Acceptance criteria
    Any document having plagiarism > 30% is not considered for submission. Students will be asked to correct the document accordingly until the document fulfills the submission criteria.

    Any research paper or review paper submitted for publication will be treated according to the plagiarism guidelines of the respective journal.